good week! yay!

The family at ZETA parents weekend-Saturday morning brunch before the game!

After a great ZETA parents weekend filled with LOTS of activities one with AS might think that the week following is going to be pretty bad--that's what I thought! I've actually been blessed with a wonderful week. Now, granted my Thursdays are always spent resting from my methotrexate "hang-over"...sometimes worse than others...other than that, I've felt pretty good after a FULL weekend!

Will I ever see a "pain-free" day again...not really sure about that. I do believe that God is in control and HE can make that possible--BUT, the joy is knowing that one day...I will be pain free! While it may be in heaven, I can rest knowing that God WILL take my earthly pain away when I see him face to face! What a glorious day that will be! God blesses me with "times" that I can say..hey, I don't feel the pain and those times are when I am worshiping him! So, maybe that's the answer! Those times of worshiping him...singing...lifting up praises to him, I'm pain free. It's just a GOD THING! But, so true! The pain- if only for a few min is if you see me banging on the steering wheel or at church those are times I cherish-PAIN FREE! If only for a few min--thank you God for giving me those times!

I claim this----No sickness, no secret, no chain is strong enough to keep us from Your love. How high, how wide, no matter where I am Healing Is In Your Hands! How deep, how strong, now by your grace I stand...Healing Is In Your Hands!

My beautiful girls!!!!

Friday night fun!

That Laney always makes us laugh! Tailgate fun!!!!

And this is where Laney gets it! This picture is how every college girl wants their daddy to look--straight up REDNECK! LOVE IT


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