Thinking of the past year and the "new" things/challenges that occurred and what this year will bring!

-past-A child that graduated high school and started college! Who I might add, is doing fantastic!
-current-a child that will turn 16 and start driving/being more independent than she already is if that is even possible!

-past-the death of my dear cousin Sandi who lost the battle to cancer and was so young
-current-Sandi's daughter having a child

Gosh so many things throughout the past year that I could list and thinking of "things" that are already in the planning stages for this year...like--current-2 brothers getting married! YAY!

It's been a great Christmas with family and friends. Time to focus on what's ahead! I was asked by one of my siblings if blogging helped me. No, it's not for me. I'm hoping that it'll help more of you understand what AS is. Hoping that my family and friends will somewhat understand why the simple things are hard. Doesn't mean I want pity or you to feel bad for me. It does mean that I'd like somewhat of an understanding. The best that can be understood by someone who "deep down" has NO idea what living with AS is all about.

What will this year hold for "my body"....I wonder! Thinking of ringing in the New Year in 365 days....this is do know

I don't know what the future holds, but I do know who holds it! Thank you, Lord, for holding me in your hands every single step I take and breath I breath!


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