moms day and AS....

So for this Mother's Day I was reminded how fun it is to just be with the family. Can I say that trying to get a family photo with Mom, 4 siblings, couple of spouses, and 4 can be very funny! All of us...

When you're a mom, Mother's Day takes on a different meaning as well. You are sooo thankful and blessed. I know I am--I'm thankful for my girls and so proud of them. Our family went to church together and then out for lunch (yes, made that reservation, because us "moms" didn't want to cook or clean).

Nanna with her grands....

Me and my siblings...I'm proud to say that I'm the oldest, then my sister, then our not so small younger brother and then the baby (who also has AS-he's beside me). I love them so much and I'm thankful they are "mine".

This picture makes me want to cry, but at the same time be thankful. My brother Dan has an incredible story and I think I'll ask him to type it up and send to me! Summary-at 18, he was given the 1st double hip surgery in the world--they went in and put 2 screws to hold up his hip joints....needless to say, it didn't work, but age 24 he'd have both hips replaced! Oh, and that's only been a few years ago! My youngest daughter is HLA-B27 positive--and no I didn't just have my children tested to see. She was having some lower back and wrist pain. NOT what a mom with AS wants to EVER hear. She's been to a peds rhuemy and thankfully she is doing great! Showing no signs of AS and hopefully her disease will stay "turned off". That's why I'm thankful.

This is my favorite pic of me and my sister. For those that have a sister--I hope your relationship is like ours. We are best friends, who love each other dearly. I'm thankful to have her in my life!

So, even though I have this terrible disease....I have a loving and supporting family. It is true that nobody really understands unless they have it, but you MUST have a supportive family as well.

Still waiting on the remicade to fully kick in, although I do "feel" better, it's hard to explain---I'm having more centralized pain. I guess, I'd been feeling sooo bad all over, that now, I can say, yes, I do feel better, but as for the AS---

it may have my body, but it won't have me!


  1. Interesting hearing more about your family; thank you for sharing. I have two daughters also and hope they never develop this disease. As for my family of origin, my dad & I have it, and so far my 3 siblings do not.


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