Self esteem and fear--are they related?

When given a topic of self-esteem nothing "bloggy" comes to mind. I'm not an arrogant person, just that I do not struggle with a "low" self esteem. I can think back to my childhood and all the bullying that I endured, but even that didn't stop me from reaching for things I wanted. And trust me I was certainly one that was bullied a LOT! So, having a chronic, life-changing, VERY painful disease doesn't "bully" me enough either to have a lower self esteem. It just makes me want to "reach" for things that are harder. Not really setting myself up for failure, but learning the limitations and/or setting new ones, but still LIVING TO THE FULLEST! The fullest that a life with AS can be.

I think that's where fear comes in. Are you afraid to try? Are you afraid to reach for those things that seem so far away? I think a lower self esteem causes fear! So, for me I do think they can be related to each other.

Now, there are things that make me go hmmm, but I'm not afraid of them. What does my future with AS hold? Will I be all fused and hump back--makes me sit up straight as I'm typing :)!!! Will I be able to throw my grandchildren up in the air and run and play with them (as long as their young-ha). Will my medicine work and do I have to be on it forever? But, I truly think that if you dwell on all the "what-ifs" in life then FEAR will consume you. I think we all-healthy or not-should live today as if it were your last. Cause really there aren't ANY of us guaranteed LIFE, we are guaranteed ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ, but LIFE? NAH-we are not.

So--put others first--think positive thoughts--don't let fear and low self esteem stop you from LIVING!

Reach for those Dreams--even if it's walking to the mailbox today! Or calling a friend and saying I love you!

CHOOSE JOY!--yes, I truly believe it's a choice. Just like when a kid says "I'm bored"--makes me shake my head--that's because they're choosing to be! CHOOSE JOY and CHOOSE LIFE!

AS has my body, but NOT me!   I don't choose AS!


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