Spinal injection...yea, life with A.S

Had a spinal injection (between the shoulder blades) yesterday.  Supposed to help with the pain in the neck the shoulder, and the numbness of the right arm.  I was a bit nervous about this-would it hurt etc.  Got to the surgery center and they called me back.  Nurse comes in the put in an IV line.  She says this is a numbing shot.  I ask what are you numbing and she says so the IV won't hurt--I literally laughed out loud!!!  Then I tell her, I get monthly remicade IV's.  She says, Oh, then this probably wouldn't have bothered you.  In my mind I'm thinking not really-I'm used to it.  Then another nurse comes in, says she's going to give me--can't remember the name--but I say what's it for, her it's something to make you a little sleepy and relax.  Well, then all the sudden---I'm like oooohhhhhh!  She said you feel that?  YEP!  Then she gives me another dose.  I think I remember saying that was better than a margarita!  Which makes me wonder what else did I say? LOL!

She takes me back.  They have me lay face down.  Clean my back and then start the injection process.  I really don't remember much of this.  After the numbing meds, I don't remember feeling any pain.  Then I'm back in the "holding area".  Get dressed and wheeled out to where my mom was waiting with the car.  Let me add here that I'm soooo thankful that my mom was able to take me!  I appreciate that soo much.  Love you mom--I know you're reading! Back to the getting in the car, I get in, call my husband tell him I'm done and headed home. I also text my oldest and let her know the same.  We get home and I tell my mom, I guess I better call hubby and tell him I'm home.  She says, you DID call him--well, I don't remember that.  Then I eat a bite of lunch (thank you again, Mom), Mom leaves and I head to bed!  I think better text my daughter and let her know I'm ok--look at phone--I already did that too.  WOW!  Good drugs and good night!

Numbing meds wear off and ouch.  Not too bad, but ouch.  Then night time comes--not much sleep too much pain.  Today is better, but there's still a lot of pain.  By now, I would be feeling a bit better because last week was remicade, but I'm feeling like it's time for remicade. ugh!  Oh, well, we shall see if this will help.  My prayers are that it will.  I will say this though, it wasn't bad at all--the procedure that is!!!

I have A.S but it doesn't have me!


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