Post surgery and long time no write

My last post was a couple of days before my shoulder surgery (Dec. 10) and here we are 2 months later!  My shoulder was worse than the Dr had expected.  He said, it looked as if someone had put a match to all the tissues, muscles, tendons--that everything that was supposed to be white was red and inflamed.  OK--folks--INFLAMED!  Which leads me to my blood work which always shows NO inflammation.  See with ankylosing spondylitis EVERYTHING can be inflamed and NEVER show up on blood work. 

I wish the DRs would realize this--oh, you have no inflammation--umm yes, I do. 

I ended up with a partial rotator repair and 2 inches of bone removed.  The reason for all the inflammation was all the jacked up bone!  That's my medical term--jacked up!

My recovery has been painful and long.  I've got a long road ahead, but at least I finally don't have numbness in my fingers.  This will not make me pain free, but it will help in managing and doing life!

My physical therapy is KILLER, but I even do the exercises at home.  I want to do what I can to make sure that I heal the best my body will allow. 

The expense of ankylosing spondylitis is the most KILLER of all.  Even having insurance, this disease is so costly.

Just wanted to touch base with those who follow along...most of whom who suffer along side me.  Sorry the story is short but when you have shoulder must end now. 

so for now...
AS has my body but not me!


  1. Meloni you are going through the wars right now, I hope that the op - and all the recovery process - make a substantial improvement for you.

    Take care, and sending you a gentle **hug**


    1. Thanks Jackie! Progressing slowly along, better daily! HOpe you are doing well. Gentle hugs to you as well! Meloni


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