sometimes you just want to say, "you're stupid"

Of all the folks who should be saying those 2 words..ankylosing spondylitis, why don't they?  Who am I referring too, DOCTORS!

Ever wondered "how many docs does it take to diagnose ankylosing spondylitis??"  I seriously sometimes wonder.  The problem is there is sooo many autoimmune diseases and sooo little knowledge. 

Also, have you ever just wanted to really say how you feel to someone?  I think I'd get in trouble if I said how I feel sometimes. ha

So, this post is for those who want to speak your mind--here goes

It must be nice to lay around and not go to work--
       It must be nice to be able to go to work and not lay here in pain.

They say that most illnesses are caused by stress--
       It must be nice to live a life stress free, because there are folks that actually have no stress?!

You must be feeling better today because you're out and about--
      ummm hmmm LOL

You don't look sick--
       What exactly does "sick" look like??  I really would like to know the answer to this one!

At least you can't die from it--at least it's not cancer--yea, I have arthritis too--I just saw you and now all the sudden you started limping--take these vitamins--go on this diet
       AHHHH ENOUGH ALREADY!  I can die from it, most cancer patients are cured after treatment, you DON'T have my arthritis, yes--I'm limping now and I may just start throwing up at any given moment because that's what happens, THERE'S NO CURE!

So, yea, sometimes I do want to say these things and yes, I ALWAYS think them.  Do you think those of us who suffer with "invisible diseases" wouldn't "give our right arm" for a cure?  So, before you say something stupid...stop and think.  Do some research.  Those of us who live with a disease that has no cure, that can make us feel one way and an hour later another, don't chose to live this way. 

AS has my body, but NOT me!  This post is written for all those, like me, who just would like to speak our minds sometimes!


  1. Meloni
    Just ran across your blog, great stuff. Thank you thank you, so much of what I have read so far is my story with docs that don't understand. I was diagnosed in 2007 with AS went through sulfasalzine then ever increasing methotrexate finally to humira and some relief. However just diagnosed with lymphoma. Just wanted to say thanks for this blog. I plan on reading it all over the next few weeks. -chuck


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