A concerned mom's letter to teenage boys!

Usually my blog is for making all aware of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) a horrible autoimmune arthritis disease.  If you are not aware, please read past posts--knowledge is key! 

For today--I'm seriously over the letter that is circulating around facebook--the "A Concerned mom's letter to teenage girls".  In case you haven't seen it and want to read it...


The first time I saw this circulate, "Mrs. Pam" (blogger) had totally different photos, of which now, her first paragraph has mentioned she has changed.  Her photos at the time where of her "shirtless" sons!  I gave no credit to her blog because of that very reason!  It's not a double standard here. 

Do I, as a mom of daughters, believe what she's written?  YES, but I would like to add, this goes both ways.  I prayed over my dauthers from the time they were born that God would send a godly-husband--the man HE has for my daughters.  I've seen many pictures of boys posing in the very same way as she's suggesting females do.  Let's certainly not forget the "ab/six-pack" pose!!! 

So here goes--what I believe the letter should've said!  To all teenage girls from a mom of teenage girls!!!!! 

Be careful what you post on-line!  Always remembering that nothing is private and can be looked at by anyone.  Be careful what you type/say.  It can be read by everyone.  Again, NOTHING IS PRIVATE!  What you should first think about before posting---is this something that a "creepy old man" would pass by or would he stop and stare?  See, there are "creepy old men" looking at all your photos.  Be careful as to what is "being seen"...remember your photos are not private.  Please don't think--but I have them set to private so they are--ummm NO THEY ARE NOT!  Anything you post online is NOT private.  Snapchat goes through several servers before it comes to you--IT'S NOT PRIVATE! 

Girls---what you should see in ALL teen boys is RESPECT!  Any boy that would've driven up and honked at our house, would've been met by a dad with a gun on his shoulder!  Seriously--gun haters have at it--I don't care!  Any boy that walked into our house and didn't speak to the parents first---GET OUT--and don't come back!  If all the boy does, is walk in and go to the "basement" then he does NOT respect you!  Girls are not treated the same as boys--if a girl "makes out" she's considered "easy".  If a boy does, he's a hero.  Girls keep yourselves pure!  Saving yourself for the man God has for you.  If he leaves because you say "no".  Then he doesn't repeect you and only wanted one thing.  Here's the deal...if you've posted things on-line that make it seem you're an "easy" target...then you'll have the guys who think you are, calling you!  Set yourself apart!  Don't follow the crowd--and by that I mean everything you see from TV ads to movie stars.  Remember this is all fake.  If you are in a relationship and the guy doesn't treat you like a queen--then he's not the right guy for you! 

So for you boys out there---it's about respect.  Chivalry is not dead!  Open her door for her.  Respecting her means you never say, "if you love me you will".  You never talk about girls as objects.  And girls--if he yells at his mom or talks bad about his mom--he's going to do the same to you.  Or if you see the boys dad treating the boys mom badly--then the boy will do the same.  See respect is taught from the parents. 

Having a "boy-friend" is not what's important.  Waiting on that special guy who is "the one"--that's what's important!  You must repsect yourself first so that respect can be shown to you.  See there are guys who are out there like this.  There are guys who've been taught that girls are not objects.  If the guy thinks of himself as an object...well, he certainly will think of you as one!  GIRLS--don't talk about other girls!!!!  The whole "girl drama" is not respecting yourself or others! 

BOYS AND GIRLS--My point in this post---to say that it's not a one way street.  It's not the girls need to act this way or the boys need to act this way--it's both!  And lastly whatever you post, tweet, snapchat you're posting for the world to see!  So, I suggest asking yourselves these questions before you post---is this something that I want ALL my friends (and non-friends) to see?  Is this something I'd want my parents to see?  Is this something I want my future college to see?  Is this something I want my future boss to see?  Is this something I want my future spouse to see?  Is this something I want the WORLD TO SEE?  Respect is something that is earned.  And lastly--everything..EVERYTHING...you do socially and on your phone--can be used against you--it's NOT PRIVATE!

spell check not working--I'm not an english teacher--just a mom!


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