Weight loss/gain/bloating/gassiness.....

Don’t confuse inflammation with weight gain/loss and/or bloating

Just let that sink in a minute.  Some have already stopped reading...if you're wanting knowledge and education of inflammatory disease...continue on...

Let me just begin this post by saying…yes! I’m going to make some of you mad and you’ll probably unfollow me on social media…I don’t really care. In a world of be careful what you say or post-- In a world of #metoo--- In a world of “political correctness”---- I see a LOT of folks saying (posting pictures) look at all this inflammation I had and now look at me.  Yes!  I see you’ve lost WEIGHT, but I do NOT see inflammation.  So to kick off this New Year full of get your gut right, drink my drink and/or join the gym and everything will be perfect in your life


You are actually insulting those of us who truly suffer from an inflammatory disease; those of us who are PRESCRIBED the only thing that will help with inflammation.  Do I believe that your gut health is important—YES! Is there any proven research that gut health will cure me…NO.  Is there something I can do for inflammation, YES! It’s actually prescribed medication.  Sometimes it’s nothing..by that I mean rest!

Please be very careful when recommending “things” to those of us who suffer from an incurable disease.  There isn’t one product out there that truly doesn’t have harmful ingredients in them.  Not one.  Some interfere with prescribed medications and can be harmful. I’ve researched all.  I DO want to have less inflammation….less pain…less joint destruction…TO BE CURED! 

Inflammation-an example; you twist your ankle, its swollen, head to the DR, they x-ray, it’s not broken (thank goodness), you go home, take an anti-inflammatory medication, ice and rest and then it heals and inflammation goes.  That’s not weight loss.

It offends me that you suggest something without even knowing what the name of my disease is or any knowledge about it.  Also, that you don’t know that I don’t just suffer from one…but multiple. I'm going to tell you a little information of the 3 I'm suffering from.

I have new bone growing in my body—new BONE.  Bone that causes destruction to tendons and muscles.  Bone that will fuse joints together.  This is not something that your product can just heal.  This is a disease with no cure.


Do you know what enthesitis is? Ever heard of it? Did you know it’s a DISEASE?

Enthesitis is irritability of soft tissues (muscles, tendons or ligaments) where it enters into the bones. It is caused by joint DISEASE and is the main sign of spondyloarthritis. It is also linked to diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH), an ailment in which a few of the spinal structures shore up.
It is a typical clinical aspect of spondyloarthropathy and is located generally in the knee or heel (can affect other joints). It may sometimes be seen in joint disease, endemic lupus erythematosus and sarcoidosis but is uncommon in other ailments.

Enthesopathy may be because of an inflammatory ailment just like psoriatic joint disease or an ailment caused by injury or overload such as plantar fasciitis. These may also be associated with tenosynovitis or tendinitis in Enthesitis.

In enthesitis, inflammation brought on by recurring stress results in sensitive spots and sometimes calcification and fibrosis, at the areas where the ligaments and tendons link to the bones.

Scleritis:  heard of this one?  Yep! A DISEASE as well.

Scleritis is a rare condition in which there is serious inflammation of the sclera, the white of the eyes. Symptoms of scleritis include blurred vision, eye pain, eye discomfort, red patches on the whites of the eyes, tearing of the eye, and sensitivity to light (photophobia).  If not diagnosed and treated promptly, complications of scleritis can be serious. Complications can include perforation of the eyeball, loss of vision, and loss of the eyeball (ummm yikes).

gut health....is it really weight gain and BLOATING?
Do I believe in gut health and that our gut is the answer to all? I do believe in "gut health", but my gut isn't going to cure me. There are some things we can do for our GUT and INFLAMMATION and those are eating foods that help with inflammation. Oh, and a benefit to eating healthy could be weight loss...but don't confuse weight loss and inflammation.
 Here's a list of some of those;
Blueberries, oats, ginger, green tea, dark chocolate (for the win), salmon, red peppers, turmeric, beets, broccoli, black beans, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, chia seeds, pineapple, spinach, whole grains, eggs, garlic, oysters, kamut, yogurt, apples, nuts, canned light white tuna, rosemary, bone broth, coconut oil, raw honey, and miso.  Side note for you kale eaters--eating raw kale can cause bloating.  Know the difference in bloating and inflammation. If you were gassy and now you're not..that's not inflammation, that's bloating.

The most important thing about healthy eating is it does make you feel better.  And please don't start on exercise...I'm currently on a use my knee as little as possible to help reduce inflammation...those of us with disease do what we can when it comes to exercise. 

Some of you that have continued reading, thank you and this is going to get real!

Those of us with inflammatory diseases also take medications prescribed by Doctors.  This article was written after a comment I received telling me that someone with certain diseases might want to try a certain "product"...this comment really didn't settle well with me.  Also, All of the pictures posting how folks have "lost" inflammation because of...well...basically dieting....I mean you didn't lose inflammation, you lost weight. Those of us that truly have an anti-inflammatory disease wish it was that easy.  It's not.  Instead of asking us if we've tried your product and wanting to share how so-and-so was healed, why not do some research and educate yourself on the diseases that have no cure.  That just have managed care.  That we fight with daily...the fight to just do life.  That we fight with medications that cause horrible side affects including weight gain/loss (tons of things)...that we can't just stop taking and be healed by your special drink.  I even read something that said, they have stopped taking all those "pills"....really....and you replaced them with another set of drinks/pills.  Call me when you go off THOSE pills/drinks/supplements and still feel/look the same.  Folks we don't chose this. We don't want it.  It's our life.  The most caring thing you can do...educate and fight with us. Don't think lightly of what we have because it's certainly not light...it's very heavy!

AS has my body, but not me!


  1. Hi Meloni. I am very thankful for your blog. I just got the diagnosis matter-of-factly with no supportive info or what to do next other than to decide if I want to take methotrexate or duloxetine. I have constant pain in my neck, knees and hips and it is now going for my ankles and wrists. Your blog has been very informative and helpful in learning about it, knowing sort of what to expect, and inspiring to keep up the fight. Thank you from someone who felt her world crashing around her and being that guiding light.

    1. You’re welcome! Learn all you can!! You are your best advocate and fight hard and strong!!

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