AS gotta love it?

So I am very fortunate to have 4 genertions on both sides! Not many folks can say that. Since I posted my moms side in my last post, thought I'd post my dads as a beginning to this post!

To continue the story of me and AS....

Sunday was humira injection--can I just say OUCH! And I'm debating over whether the tummy is the best place..while I'm not bruised now, it hurts for 2 days! The leg does stay bruised for the week (which actually allows you to remember which leg should be next lol), but I'm thinking the pain goes away faster. Going to inject the leg next and ponder over this one! Which is best tummy or leg??? hmmmmm

What I love to do, makes me hurt the most! Taking care of my family and being the Fine Arts Director of my church. So you may ask, "why does it hurt you the most"? Well, those with AS know exactly where I'm going with this....

It's hard knowing that for years this stay at home mom has done everything around the house! I love taking care of my husband and girls! What I now have learned is that....pulling laundry out of the washer and putting in the dryer..KILLS! Sweeping..LOL..forget that! And there's no way I could EVER scrub something! Not only will the back not allow it, but the hands...NEVER! I'm so thankful for a husband who understands and has just taken over! When you have teenagers....NIGHT-WALKERS...staying awake with AS...LOL! That ain't happening! But, sometimes neither is sleeping!

So, why is the job hard...well, when you direct a choir--you wave your arms/hands like crazy! So, on Wednesday nights and Sundays....can't wear my rings once I done, because my fingers are now sausage links (like my toes)! And let's not even talk about the "kankles"!!! And because you give your entire body on these days, then Mondays and Thursdays..suck! What you do today will totally effect you the next day or so if you have AS.

I LOVE working with my kids in musical theatre!

Laney in Mulan

I run my own theatre. Anyone that has been involved with theatre knows there's a LOT of running! I guess the good thing is that the hours are later in the day--LOL! AS folks know that moving before noon is not good!

The perfect job for folks with AS...time of work 12-2...then a break from 2-5 (nap or time-out required) and finish job from 5-6! All with the same pay as a full time job!!!!!

While having AS is horrible, if you let it get to you, that makes it worse! Today the sun is shining and it's going to be warmer! Gotta get some Vitamin D (the "real" kind)!

Thankful to my husband very much! He's my strength!!!! He's grilling chicken tonight, so we'll sit outside and get that vitamin D together!!! Then it's off to the theatre! I'll leave him with the dirty dishes....a hubby who cooks and cleans...that's my man and you can't have him! :<)


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