AS-the story continues

4 generations! Love it and very fortunate!!!!

So today is what I call shot Friday. On Friday's I inject (tummy) with methotrexate. In the buttocks area a B-12 shot--not an easy task to give yourself a shot in the rear! Sometimes I'm not all that good at it and end up with a terrible bruise and blood on my bath mat, but most of the time it's just a little bruise. Lang (hubby) will give it to me, but a 250lb man "jabbing" a shot in your rear can sometimes leave a bit larger bruise. I do thank him for helping me when I need it though! And that is only the beginning of what he's had to "take over"..another day, another entry"....Daily is a pill-folic acid and if needed (which I don't even take when needed) pain reliever, and let's not forget the vitamins! I also get to inject either the tummy or leg-but the tummy leaves less bruises--every 10 days Humira. Can I just say that a shot of humira no matter where you give it, HURTS! Grit teeth and inject! But, this is what will "keep my disease at bay". Side-effects, lowers my immune system hence the reason for getting a stomach virus 2 weeks in a row!!!! Gotta have it though if I'm going to be able to function with the pain that is going through my body!

Still wondering what AS is.....

I watch and think...I really don't want to look like that

A few days ago I woke to a new "hurt" jaw. I couldn't hardly open my mouth. For those of you that know me...this is a HUGE problem. I think it's just satan! The one time that I can say I'm pain free is when I'm worshiping on Sunday morning....when I'm singing on praise team..there's no pain...until I sit down and then I'm flooded by it...but at that moment when I'm giving it all to my pain! So, Satan, you will NOT take that away from me--Jaw pain or not!!!!!

My Grandmamma calls me (yes, I know I'm so fortunate to have 4 generations alive) calls and asks if I have pain today---EVERYDAY, but I'm alive! It's okay.....I have AS..but it doesn't have me!


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