beach doesn't make the pain go away but it sure looks better here

So, spending time at the beach with the family this week. I was really hoping that the beautiful beach would help with this awful pain but being hit in the back with a full beach bag and the man not even realizing he did it, has NOT helped!

I love being able to see the ocean/beach while I type this, but really hate the fact that I can't just ride the banana boat with my girls! I'd love to be able to do this just one more time. Maybe had I realized that I was going to have this dreadful disease I would have done a LOT of things like that!

I'm thinking that you should never say NEXT TIME!! Will there be a next time? Reminds me of the movie "Remember Me"...she orders dessert first. Why? he says..she says, well, that's my favorite part and can you 100% guarentee that nothing will happen and I'll still be here for dessert?

Can any of us..guarentee that we'll be here tomorrow? NO...I can guarentee that I'll be in heaven and I'm thankful that I have the gift of eternal life with Jesus. I am not guarenteed this earthly life, but I am my heavenly life with my Father in Heaven.

So, with the pain that my back is in right now....with this dreaded Ankylosing spondilitis..I'm reminding you DO TODAY...don't put off things. Don't wait till tomorrow.

I will be having dessert first tonight!!! Why not?!

A.S may have my body but it will NEVER have ME!!!


  1. sorry I did not even get to see you. Understand is short. Enjoy.

  2. Sorry that man hit your back, did Lang beat him up? Love you honey


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