You are your only advocate

I'm trying to stay good about keeping updates on the good ole blog, but at times you just forget...or just don't really feel like much of anything.

Vacation was wonderful! We had an amazing time at our friends beach house with basically no connections to the "outside" world as our phones pretty much had no service. It was actually AWESOME!

I actually read on someone else's blog that you should always have pictures..but I haven't even loaded them to the computer yet...sad I know! I will load and post soon. One week ago today we were riding home from a wonderful family time. However this particular week has been horrible for me!

The first few days home were spent waking in the middle of the night with the most horrible middle back pain. The past 5 mornings have been spent waking with the worst headache. No, it's not gone.....still a small reminder that it's there. I'm wondering why? Why am I waking with a headache everyday. Is it that my neck is fusing? I don't know...

Also, this week has been spent fighting for medication that the doctor has prescribed. So, why is it so hard for insurance companies to "approve" medication that one obviously needs. Yea, sure I just want to give myself Humira injections every week for the rest of my life--hellooooo??!!! Just approve my medication!!!!

FIGHT! FIGHT for what you need. Don't let insurance or even doctors for that matter not hear what you're saying--what you need. After days and hours on the phone--and not to mention this week long head-ache--I was at my breaking point, no you will not call me back. I WILL speak to someone who will fix this TODAY! I'm tired of being put on hold. I'm tired of being told I can't help you. I'm tired of fighting for my medicine! Fight friends! You are your best and sometimes your only advocate. Even though you mentally and physically don't feel like fighting anymore...keep fighting! Keep living!!! Yes, my medication will be here on Monday (even though I am supposed to have the injection today-Friday). But, the fight is over for a YEAR! YES and year!!! My prescription has been approved for the next 12 months. So--don't give up! FIGHT for yourselves friends!

AS might have my body...but I refuse to let it have my mind--even with a week long headache!!!!


  1. Yep thats my fighter! You are the best advocate too!Love you honey!


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