AS ankylosing spondilitis

Trying to adjust the methotrexate to be taken on Wednesday evenings...I really hate taking it, but I wanted to change from Friday to Wednesday. Thinking that I'd like to be over the sometime symtoms on the weekend...hoping that if I'm going to have nausia it will happen Thursday. Yes, I'm trying to PLAN for nausia and feeling like crap-the dreaded methotrexate hangover. What day would be best for me during the week. It's a shame that one must plan for this...but it is football season and I'd like to feel like cheering for my team on Saturday than to be in a state of methotrexate hungover!

Been off humira for almost a month now and I'm thinking that maybe I do need it. This mornings thunderstorm wake at 4ish made me realize that my pain is getting worse. Couldn't hardly walk the back and ankles were so bad.

Monthly rheumy visit on Monday...should be interesting visit. To humira or not!

So just in case this is your first read or you still don't really know what AS is...


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