Actually saying you hate something is a big deal in my home. You NEVER say you hate someone, but today, I really just HATE AS!

So as you saw in an earlier post (if you follow and keep up) I went off humira to see if it was working...well, it was certainly doing something. I had gotten worse! What to do..go back on it? No, we're going to try Enbrel.

Let me first say...having been on the shot and the injectable pen of humira--that is one more painful medicine going in and a few min. after. Enbrel...hurts, but not nearly as bad as the humira did. Yea! Something positive. Now.. hoping that it will actually work!

Thinking I'll go and get a pretty pill box because I feel like an 80 year old woman with the pills I now have to take (no offense if you're 80).

Here's the regimen..
1x weekly enbrel injection
1x weekly methotrexate injection
1x weekly B-12 injection (I was defieciant here)
and yes, I give those to myself
1x weekly Vitamin D (because YEP I was soo defieciant-50,000u)

daily doses of
Folic Acid (because I take methotrexate)
2 to 3x daily diclofenac (has lots of "names")-interesting that this drug says don't take with methotrexate..rheumy says that's false information and keep taking--ookay
darvocet whenever for pain..supposed to take it 2x daily

So, I'm labeling myself a drug addict--dang that's aLOT of medicine for one terrible disease!

Today--being that this is Labor day weekend....I really DO NOT want a methotrexate hang over. So, I've decided that this week..I'm skipping it. Is this the "right" thing to do? IDK...I just know it's what I'm going to do.

I'm stuffy with allergy crap and just don't want to deal with a metho/hangover!

This weekend will be very hard for me. I know that. I will NOT stop life..stop fun because of this stupid AS...I know I will pay the price for what's planned...

Let's Go Dawgs! I will be between the hedges cheering on my team! I will have to walk a mile (or several) to get to that stadium...I will be at church on Sunday morning bright and early...and I probably will be taking a long nap on Sunday afternoon :)

I will NOT let this disease kill my spirit even though it may kill my body


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