Flare or just paying for what I do? ugh!

Everyone talks about getting "flares". I don't know that I get flares....do I? I do know that I pay dearly for what I do! It's more like a "side-effect" for LIFE!

I'm not going to stop...I REFUSE! Yes, I'm YELLING! It frustrates me to no end to know that it KILLS ME to walk to the football stadium on game day--and sitting on bleachers...who invented those??!!! It KILLS ME to teach on Tuesday! It KILLS ME to work a full day on Wednesday. It KILLS ME to lead in worship on Sunday and then work with my teens that afternoon. BUT I will NOT give in and stop! So, do I have flares?? Who knows...I hurt all the time..sometimes worse than others and I just think of what I did and then say..oh, right--paying for yesterday.

My beauties game day!!!

Methotrexate seems to be kicking my butt right now! Thinning hair and nausea is the bad. So, if you see me on Thursday...that's my choice of being that YUCK day. Seems to be the day I have the least to do. I can stay home and just feel like CRAP! Isn't it wonderful to select a day of the week you want to feel "sick" and trust me theres nothing worse than a METHOTREXATE HANGOVER!

Want to share several great blogs/sites to visit---knowledge is key! AS needs to be heard and not just by those of us with this terrible disease, but to EVERYONE. There are so many folks who are misdiagnosed first (me being one of them)...there's not enough knowledge about AS.

And now, the joy of today....yep med day...Enbrel injection this morning and then after church methotrexate injection. Just loving me some Wednesday....

Great blog--I could copy it word for word!!!!! This is how I feel today about it being the methotrexate day....read....

Join this organization and help ASer's!!!!!


  1. So Sorry Mel.I wish I could take the pain from you.I love you honey.MOM


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