Yes, this gross blog does have to do with AS

So I'm literally recovering from one of the worst weeks I've had...let me start at the beginning, well, actually I'm not even going to start at the "very beginning" because that's really not what I want to post on a blog. I'm not one of those folks who wants the entire world all "up in my business"! But, I do want the entire world all up in ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS (AS).

So, skipping to Tuesday which I didn't feel good at all, thinking it was just stress from Monday and not sleeping Sunday or Monday night, and I had a little upset tummy. The bathroom did call me several times. But, again, I'm thinking what did I eat, dang know!

Fell asleep sitting up, which again for ASer's is not too bad if you are all propped with pillows in the "right" places, blanket covering me and my dog snuggled up! Let me note the time's 5:30! A bit early, but again as all ASer's know...this happens!

Wake Wednesday with a headache from @#$%! And the throwing up begins! I get up, I throw up! Get my daughter up and out the door for school (so thankful for car-pools) while throwing up in between! Lay down and the head just gets worse and worse. The throwing up as well. I was hurting soooo bad. I know this is really a gross post/blog, but thing is when you throw up you use a LOT and I mean a LOT of muscles/bones in your mid-region that if you have AS...HURTS LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT! At this point, hubby calls, and I'm crying and think I would rather just go meet Jesus than to suffer this way.

All the while this is going on, let's just add that Wednesday's are one of my busiest days--voice lessons, picking up daughter, guitar, choir practice...lots of things I'm responsible for and lead and now I'm trying to find subs for me or cancel things! While puking my guts out--literally!

Thankfully Wednesday passed with the help of my wonderful husband who knows how to rub my back and feet without hurting me more! and also my sister and friend Donna who covered for me! Thursday comes and it's again with the diarrhea! REALLY?! This is one more stomach virus. BUT, Thursday is also my methotrexate injection day. Hmmm just not feeling like I want to be NAUSEOUS today. So, I decide, I'll take my enbrel injection but I'm skipping metho this week! I do NOT want to go back to Wednesday and I'm still a bit queezy feeling!

Friday comes and glad to have all the family home under the same roof and still not feeling 100% (whatever the heck that is with AS), and now feeling the effects of no meds for a few days...what does that mean..well, pain level is pretty high! Asleep by 10 only to wake this morning (Saturday) IN PAIN and find out what????


I mean really?! So, I read the article and can I say thank you to my fellow ASer's because I didn't learn this from my doctor or pharmacist..from YOU!


So, this is not just that my...yes, my lot of metho has been recalled it's the reason that it has been recalled that really I just can't seem to even believe! Small flakes of GLASS have been found in some of the medication--what did you just say--yes, small FLAKES OF GLASS! They list the "lots" that have been contaminated and of course, mine is one.

-Stomach virus from hell causes me to not give my chemo injection which could possibly be contaminated with glass and lead to damage of my blood vessels, swelling, or DEATH! I do still have to wonder....what about the other 3 vials from this prescription that I already injected?!

I'll leave you with that thought.

Gotta just love AS---NOT!


  1. Wow, what a horrid week you've had!! So sorry & hope you recover quickly. So thankful you didn't inject your MTX. Ugh.

  2. So sorry you had a bad week Meloni! I didn't know that about metho either! I had my injection of Humira last week and the nausea is kicking "AS" bad! Hope you feel "better" soon Meloni!!


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