remicade take 2!

Thought I'd bring the "old" lap top and blog while I sit here these 2 1/2 hours getting this 2nd remicade infusion! When I say old, I do mean I probably have the biggest lap top in here and thinking that if I'm going to need monthly infusions I need an ipad! Wonder if insurance would cover it? bahaaaaaaaaaaa

Speaking of insurance, we are getting a new policy come April 1! Soooo worried about that one! I already have to fight to get NEEDED care! FYI--you-YOU--are your best advocate! Fight for what's yours!!

Now, back to this infusion
I will probably have a huge bruise on my hand-NOT because of the IV, but because of the 15 min of thumping to find a vein, which she couldn't! So, it's in the bend of my arm..can you say OUCH!

Haven't felt any relief from the first infusion but sooo hoping that I will after this one! So getting an IV in the bend of your arm makes for hard typing! Doing the 1 finger bit right now! So this blog will need to be short!

I'll raise my arm and say, "cheers" here's to hoping for much needed relief!!!!


  1. I do hope you find this time that you feel a big difference xx

  2. When I was getting my Remicade infusions, I got them in the bend of my arm because it would bother my hand too much. Hopefully the ramp up time will go quickly and you'll get relief.

    Just FYI, you can get Remicade as quickly as every 4 weeks, so know that you can go sooner. If they put you at a low level, they can up it depending on your weight. Hopefully that info helps, the first time I had Remicade, it turned my life around for the better, I hope that it helps you!!!!


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