New Insurance....same disease! It all sux!

My husbands company changed insurance companies--now before I go any further, let me first say that I'm thankful for my insurance and that my hubby's work provides!--BUT, for those of you with a chronic, incurable disease--when you hear the words "new insurance" you might as well cuss us out!

When hearing we were getting new insurance there was the on-line check of ALL my providers and my families. YAY great news...they are all IN NETWORK. No more worries and I don't even think about it again.

Go to my rheumy--sign in--hand new insurance card and get told, I'll have to check this. After sitting there a few minutes someone (a new face to me) says, "you're out of network, we don't accept that insurance". For those of you who like your Dr and who have an incurable disease can understand my reaction--I started crying! YEP, crying! She takes me to her office---and hands me a box of tissues. I've driven an hour to the appointment. I need to be seen. I'm in such terrible pain. What about my medication. I'm sobbing at this point and apologizing. Again, for those of you who do NOT have a chronic/incurable can't begin to understand my thoughts and feelings. I do see the doctor and pay full price. No insurance coverage on this one. Thankfully, she wrote everything down for me to give to my PCP. But, no blood work because that would cost a fortune. I mean I only need to check to make sure the medication I'm taking so I can function with AS isn't KILLING ME!

Thankfully, my Remicade infusions were already approved for the year (on the new insurance). Thankfully, I have a good friend that works at my PCP who got my in the next day for blood work--yes, they do accept my insurance. AND they will be taking my monthly blood work until I get a new rheumy. So, who will it be--will they be as good as Dr. Butler. Will I like them? Will they actually KNOW ankylosing spondylitis--truly know it?!

Appointment is made but I can't be seen until October--4 months away. Remicade will happen every 4 weeks, but if---IF---I need to see a rheumatologist it'll have to wait. So, here's hoping that I won't need too, but if I do, guess I'll just pay the full price. Blood work will also happen...but what if something comes back questionable? There's always what ifs with AS so I'll just leave it at that...what if? So for now, I'll keep trucking along as best I can cause


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