Significant other...

I think this entry is probably the easiest to write! What would I do without my significant other..Lang! I think of how hard the past 4 years have been as I've been diagnosed with a horrible disease. Something that I never would wish on my worst enemy...yet, something that not only affects me, it also effects my family and my husband!

He tries to understand what I'm going through and I in return try and understand what he is going through. You may be saying right now, but he doesn't have ankylosing spondylitis....and I just stop and think...obviously neither do you or your significant other because that wouldn't be your thought!

Chronic diseases effect everyone they are around! For those living with a chronic disease you know how important it is to have support. That person who will let you just lay there and do nothing because that's all you can do! That person who stays positive for you and yet lets you be all grumpy if need be. That person who all the sudden must take on your roles, because you are unable.

For those that have a chronic disease and you don't have that significant other, then find those of us who can share with you through your struggles. One you can talk with and cry with.

While I wish that AS had NEVER entered my body, I sooo wish that it had NEVER entered my marriage. Even though it has, it's great to have someone who loves you soo that even in sickness they are standing right beside you. It's not just my fight, it's my families fight. We're a team and nothing can come between us--not even AS!

AS may have my body, but not me!


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