Symptons of AS, I've got a few....

Anytime you go to the doctor they ask you your symptoms (of whatever you maybe going for). Most of the time, this is a pretty simple question-I mean if you're running a fever, throat hurts, coughing, head-ache--they could say sinus infection or strep. If your blood work shows something, they can give you a diagnoses.

Well, here's the thing, when you have ankylosing spondylitis--NOBODY REALLY KNOWS THE EXACT SYMPTOMS! ARGGGGG!

I really have been thinking of this--my symptoms. Can I think back of when I truly think AS started for me. Could it have been at the age of 15? That was my first knee surgery--for arthritis! Could it have been the bad headaches as a child--um--yes, this is a symptom. Was it the 2nd knee surgery? Was it the shoulder surgery? When did the AS "really" start for me? I know when I got to the "advanced stage" was around 5 years ago. The symptoms at that time were ankles that were so swollen and hurting so bad that I could hardly walk. Swollen fingers and wrists that I could hardly dress! Then the lower back--OUCH! That's when I got the diagnoses of ankylosing spondylitis (AS). And then started on all kinds of medications!

So, several years later what are my symptoms--oh, the same, but add with that severe hip pain, neck pain, and now eye-pain. EVERY PART OF MY BODY! BUT WAIT, let's not forget the "symptoms" and "risk" from all the medication I'm on. Let's see liver failure, kidney failure, heart failure, headaches, nausea oh, I could go on and on!

I really just try and NOT think about "symptoms" anymore. Seems there's always something new and it's always different! For the most part my constant these days are ankles, wrists, back, neck, eye and hip. Yep, too many so that's why you can't "think" about it. Can't dwell on negative or AS will consume you! I've always been one to believe that no matter what it is, you MUST stay positive. My saying has always been, "It is what it is". I will NOT let the pain/disease take over. If you're going to live that way, then what's the point of living. Sure, I have myself a little pity party every now and then, but then I quickly remind myself, there are so many people in this world who are way worse than me!

AS has my body, but NOT me!


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