Injections and more injections...

My last post I talked about how I had a spinal injection--well, it was literally a roll of the dice and I'm not a gambler and really dont' believe in "luck" hope was that this almost $1000.00 roll of the dice would amount to something besides regret that I've wasted sooo much money.  Well, 1000 dollars later and the visit to the DR for her to see how everything went--yea, sometimes it doesn't work on the 1st injection so we'll schedule another.  But, also after the exam, she says your shoulder is really "aggrevated" so let's do an injection today--sigh..sure.  Let's just say that hasn't helped either!

Get the call from the surgery center and they let me know my cost that will be due that day of my 2nd injection--almost 600 dollars??!!  And that's not the Drs portion either--OK--this roll of the dice isn't going to happen!!  Even though in my mind, I say what if it actually helped...sigh

Having a chronic disease is EXPENSIVE!  Every time I go to the DRs I think well that was groceries for a week.  One time I added up my--just my--monthly expense--RIDICULOUS!  And let me quickly add, I have insurance so what about those that don't??!! 

My newest DRs visit will be to the optho-neurologist.  Now, she went to school a long time!  That visit comes Monday.  Having headaches all the time now and so this visit is needed (I guess) to see if there's something going on there.  And if there's something to do that will get rid of the headaches!

Crazy what ankylosing spondylitis does to the body.  Crazy that nobody "gets it" unless they have it.  Crazy that so many people have a form of spondylitis, but yet folks don't even acknowledge it.  Open your eyes folks, it's really NOT that invisible.  Why do people see "some" diseases, but they refuse to see others??

I don't have "arthritis"!  Still makes me want to laugh when I hear, "oh, I have arthritis too" and my all time fav "but you look great".  Oh, and my laughter well, it's not joy, it's actually that SMH "stupidity" laughing at you not with you--kind of laughter.  That was harsh, but oh, well, it's true.

AS has my body, but not me!


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