New Doctor...same problem!

So, on Wednesday I head to the NEW rheumy. Why change when you're fine with the one you have...she's not taking insurance any more. You can file your own. Look I have enough problems with fighting the insurance with my medication refills, I don't want to fool with filling my own claims..not to say the cost of paying YOU for the visit. Certainly can't do that! That's why I HAVE INSURANCE so that I just PAY THE CO-PAY! Thank you Obama for all these CRAZY health care changes YOU ARE PUTTING ON US! Obviously his family will be taken care of for the rest of their lives so no need to TRULY worry about this. But, what about us NORMAL folks!

So, this is my blog and I can get on my soap box over this one. If you don't like it..well, one of two things..don't read it and you obviously don't have a disease that will be with you your ENTIRE LIFE or you'd know that all the insurance changes ARE NOT GOOD!

Changing the subject now to say that my production of "13" is coming to an end. Last day today. It will be a hard day but I'm looking forward to it! 2 shows and then a cast party....

This is my cast for today. Had 2 casts and 2 weekends of shows. Both casts did an awesome job. Here's last weekends cast..

I love working with these teens they are really amazing...sometimes VERY annoying, but amazing!

Humira and methotrexate ended up on same day again-yesterday. I can tell that these injections are helping but I am not the type person to just STOP doing what I love so I really pay the price at times.

Wonder if anyone else freezes up when having to give yourself an injection?? And forget giving it when everyone is watching. Maybe one day I'll get used to giving myself shots...who knows?!

I do know this-- a positive outlook is NECESSARY!!! If all you do is complain about your pain and do nothing...then that's all you'll feel! With ankylosing spondilitis you MUST keep going...don't let this disease take over your mind as well as your body!

Knowledge is key--someone asked what's AS....join us and support this group!!!

I have AS, but it will not have me!


  1. Great blog and posts! I agree entirely; most Americans have not read any of the health care bill that was written into law. The only clause in the bill I agree with is denying a policy people like ourselves with pre-existing conditions. Other than that, doctors have been turned off to health insurance and people like ourselves who desperately need it are out of luck.
    I have a blog of my own called Shoulda Been Here Yesterday. I have AS myself and I am participating in adventure racing to raise money for the SAA and awareness for spondylitis. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to link my blog to yours; people with AS fighting for the same cause have to stick together! Stay positive and stand tall!

  2. I don't mind at all. The only way folks will learn about AS is if we spread the word...we have to stick together and let everyone know about this terrible disease! I think I already am following you, but if not...I will be today! Sending positive thoughts your way and good luck!


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