Pain go away Summer stay

I guess it's time to update this "ole blog". Sitting here "resting" today. Yes, resting! I need to remind myself of this before I get to "this place"...back pain is so bad today. I'm fighting the need to slow down a bit when I hate to slow down. My mother would be happy though if I did and knowing that--mom I'm resting today... for a little while anyway!

The month of May and so far June have actually been killers! Hillsong conference (which was amazing), Graduation, VBS and directing the musical "13" (which I have one more week to go on this one) have lead me to the realization that I HATE A.S.! Hate the shots...hate the PAIN!

So, the methotrexate nausia hits every now and again. The gobs of hair in my hands after washing my hair has started (not that it'll hurt for me to loose some of this headfull). Wondering, for those of you who have AS and are on metho. did it change the texture of your hair as well. Or could it be where I live and the crazy humid weather--all I know is these curls are an unruly, frizzy mess. And let me tell you--there's NO product that helps!

Two new problems for rheumy has decided to stop taking insurance?! WHAT?! I mean really. She says I can file for myself. Umm not cool so I'll be doing the change! My mother in law has always wanted me to see hers..guess I'll give it a go. It's just not as convienant and I actually liked my rheumy! ugh! Next problem of course is with my refill order for my humira. Why can't it just be in the prescription...get it. Not so much, on hold now and waiting. The test claim says it's not covered. They have to contact the insurane company and will call me back. REALLY?! Why do I have to go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME I NEED A REFILL???!!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!

So, living with AS not only a psyical battle but a pain in the butt as well!!! ugh! Life!

I may have AS but you will NOT have me!


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