Christmas Holiday fun with AS

Christmas holiday fun has taken on a new challenge for me. I guess I've had AS my entire life, but the "switch" wasn't turned on until a couple of years ago. With that, I've only been diagnosed with AS for 1 year now. SO...the simple and fun things that you just "do" during those Christmas holidays are taking on a new meaning for me! Seems this year has been a bit hard. Hard to hold out! I want to do those same things I've always done and more! My body is sometimes yelling...SCREAMING at me to stop! But, my mind and my heart are screaming back..NO!

So, for now..I'm going to be in pain cause it's certainly worth it!

Lake Lanier girls trip to see the lights and BTW Callaway Gardens lights are waaay better! But, they don't have a fair so it was a great trade off!

Santa asks the girls, "do you know who's birthday it is?" My girls, "Jesus". Santa, "that's a great thing to know"!

Yes it is Santa and never have my girls been asked this by Santa before!

Fun carnival/fair rides!!!!!

AS you may have my body...but you're not having me!


  1. I hear you. It is definitely harder this Christmas season for me too. I was just diagnosed in September.

    I love what Santa asked your girls!

    Thanks for sharing your journey. It's nice to get to know other people with AS.


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