you know what's good about Thursday..Friday is next!

The bro-in-law asked me how I was feeling today. I said, crap! Just my Thursday! He says, "you know what's good about Thursday"...ok, in my mind, I'm thinking are you really asking me if there is something good about the WORST day of my week...the day I get to fully experience the joy of methotrexate??!! So, I say, THE END--cause you know I'm thinking the end of the day...he says, nope! Friday is next! Gotta hand it to him, he's right! I'm so thankful tomorrow is Friday!

Since Thanksgiving ALWAYS falls on Thursday and so does methotrexate, I decided that I'd skip the feeling of nausia and enjoy me some turkey and dressing! I really had to think long and hard if I wanted to inject that dreaded feeling today...knowing that I did feel very tired last week, but not the nausia was really on my mind today and I truly HATE this feeling!-yes, that means I took my meds!

So---now, I'm fighting the feeling of tired, and nausia as I smell the pie baking in the oven that must be taken to the chorus concert for sampling (fundraiser stuff-cause I'm certainly not "making" a pie today). I'm thinking I should've skipped the metho cause I just want to go to bed...ugh! Wonder if I should wear a sign at the concert as I'm trying to sell fundraiser food items...I'm not green because of the food I'm trying to's because of the medicine.


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