April is Spondylitis Awareness Month

I didn't realize it was spondylitis awareness month...but I sure would like for folks to actually become aware of this disease! I know it's been a week since my last post.

FACT-AS is difficult to diagnose, often taking up to 10 years from the time a patient experiences the first symtoms to the time the patient receives proper diagnosis.

FACT-The CDC estimates that AS affects as many as 2.4 million adults in the US...notice I said adults here...fact is, AS also affects children.

FACT-we look normal! But, we are in tremendous pain!

FACT-Those of us with AS would like for YOU to learn about it!


FACT-re-read my first blog post and you'll see exactly what AS is!

Hard week of catching up after vacation with the family. Makes it VERY painful as well. Last week was spent working...working..catching up and getting ready for a VERY busy weekend! Prom for my oldest...she looked BEAUTIFUL!

I'm still exhausted from the long prom weekend! I guess, the word that needs to go with this is in pain. Those with AS know what I'm talking about! So, glad that today could be spent a little more restful. Even though things are still getting done--work, laundry..etc. I'm not rushing. The thing with AS....folks don't understand...we can't rush! We need to do things in a slower pace. I keep telling myself that. I'm a fast-paced person so slowing down has been HARD!

Ordered my next 8 injections of Humira without a problem. Not holding my breath that the med will show up on my door step Thursday, but that would be wonderful! I usually fight for these injections, but hopefully this time everyone has everything correct and I won't spend Thursday on the phone with insurance, doctors and pharmacy!

Waiting on blood tests to make sure the liver (and other organs) are not being affected by the methotrexate. Also, thinking that all this medicine is making my think curly hair do some CRAZY things here lately...just another joy of AS!

Here's a little poem...just came to me...

Pain, pain go away
Living with you everyday
You will not take my joy and my life
Even though you cause such strife

If my spine will end up fused
My body is mine and you will not abuse
I will not let you keep my down
Nor will there by an AS frown

So, go away and let me be
I wish that others would learn and see
AS is not a silent disease
I'm screaming it out from the top of the trees!!!

I have AS...but I refuse for it to have me!!!!!!!!!


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