Back to reality! ugh!

So this post may actually take me all day--in-between laundry and trying to prepare for Worship tomorrow (Thanks Jesse for selecting all female lead songs the week, I've been weak!) Learning...listening....praising Him! Maybe it's a good thing to listen too all day while your cleaning and unpacking! Thinking I need to thank Jesse!

What an AWESOME week of relaxation, sun, fun and friends that we only see once a year during Spring Break! So glad I'm a singer--otherwise I think I would be sooo soar from laughing all week!!! Oh, wait--I mainly was laughing at my husband! Guess my abs (lack of) are used to his crazy self!

So how's vacation with AS...a bit hard and at times a struggle. This was really new to me. I've often wondered why "joints" would hurt when traveling, but since this disease hit me hard over the last year--it's new things that I go through. Not having to jump up in the AM was good. Took my time in the mornings. Went ahead and packed the cooler for all day---once you get to the beach with AS--it's pretty much stay put! And what person really thought that resurfacing the beach area with a huge hill is a good idea??!!! Must've been a man without AS! The sun and warmth was sooo great! Had to make sure and not sit for too long without getting up. The one thing I have learned is that you MUST get up and move--stretch a bit. Now, for those of you that say, yes, exercise is good for arthritis--I don't have simple arthritis and while you want to help--it's not exercise like you think. It's just not laying in the bed and giving in! It's get up, walk around, bend and snap...ha I mean stretch (if you don't know Bend and Snap-google Legally Blonde).

So for those that don't know--if you have AS do NOT sit in a chair that it angled with your back downhill!! This was the "pissiest" I think I got--wanted to actually scream--such great friends that I have-I have to thank them!!! Everyone was very concerned at that moment. Here's the 43 year old women who looks fine--STUCK! Probably one of my new most embarrassing moments! How the heck do I get up??!!! My sister and friend Mic see that I'm not going to be getting out of the chair and ask to help. Problem number one here---you can't pull me up from a chair! Hands, fingers, ankles and toes are swollen soooo. Thank goodness I have a husband who could carry the entire group (together). Yep--the only way to get out of the beach chair is for him to actually lift me up and this had to be under the sweaty arm pits! Then the actual pain of the knife that went into my lower back hit--walk it off--walk it off--thank goodness for sunglasses because my eyes were filled with tears! Really should've known that chair was not a good idea, but I was feeling fine and just didn't think! I promise it didn't happen again and never will!!!

Sand is hard to walk in..not just with flip-flops..with the "kankles"! Other than the "chair event" the trip was great! Just a little continual times a lot, but I'm at the beach with my family and friends! The drive on the way home---a different story! OMG! The pain that went through my body for those 9 hours was horrific at times! Note to self..take the pain meds with you on vacation for the ride home! I decided as I was packing the bag full of meds-not an easy job either making sure that humira injection is on ice- that I was NOT taking the pain medicine with me. I could handle this! I don't take it at home, no need to have it while I'm relaxing on vacation. Note to self...pain med needed for ride home if the trip is over 4 hours!

Today--laundry, cleaning, singing and feeling fine! Yes, there's always pain. It's doable I'll leave with a quote from the beach-this one's for Mary!

"I wish these clouds would go away"--hubby Lang says-"fat folks love clouds...he pauses...and ketchup"! Then he walks away...then you hear this comment "I think I just pee'd my pants"! GREAT FUN, GREAT FRIENDS!

Just because I have AS...It will NEVER have ME!


  1. I never leave the house without my pain meds. I may not take them, but at least they are there. Ya never know. Also, I've found that I hurt less or more in different parts of the country. Barometric pressure I think. aka Mary Ellen

  2. Just to say hello!! I am in Scotland and have had diagnosed AS for over 30 years. I had surgery 20+ years ago to straighten spine, however had to retire early 2 years ago. Back been broken 3 times-last time 5 years ago-bent down and "crack" have developed ostioporosis, and need a stick to walk. Have had most of the complications and yes have down times, but still go out with make up and jewellery and a smile!!!


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