AS fridays..gotta love em

I love Friday! The weekend is school, sleeping in on Saturday, (not really because we're always so busy), Worship on Sunday..but just it's--- Friday! YEA! What I don't love, is it being methotrexate day. Wonder what the long term effects of being on chemo every Friday will be.

Yes, I get 3 shots..the methotrexate and b-12 are every Friday. Holding off on B-12 today, because I've got to go to pharmacy (Publix) and get more "needles"! The metho. shot is a bit smaller than the B-12. Tried using the same size and it won't hold all the B-12. Don't know why I dread the Friday shot. Humira comes every 10 days and it varies as to what it Tuesday and have the bruise to prove it! I guess, it's the differences in the medication. Humira hurts sooo bad going in (I'm talking soooo bad) and is soar a bit after. Usually leaves a bruise, but that's it. Methotrexate..doesn't hurt going in, but about 30 secs after..DANG! Leaves a little bruise at times, but I know I will be nausious for a few hours after.

Why does what seems to be a little shot cause such grief..but on the other hand, help so much--so gotta have it! Thankful for treatments like Humira and methotrexate, but wishing that folks new more about AS (ankylosing spondilitis).

Rheumatoid arthritis effects 1.3 million adults in the US..did you know AS effects 2.4 million.

AS is arthritis of the spine that strikes young people. Typical onset is between 17-35.

It is a DISEASE! It's NOT curable! Maybe I hate methotrexate Friday because of this...but, hey-it is Friday and another symptom of metho. is how it makes you tired. Or is that just the AS..maybe it's both, but I sure could use a nap right now. Maybe it's time to get some vitamin D..the best naps are those in the sun--oh, wait, too much pollen right now! ha!

I have AS, but it doesn't have me!


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