Rain, rain...makes for some serious pain!

In reply to the last post of not holding my breath for my meds to be dropped on my door-step on Thursday...to my suprise...THEY CAME! WOW! 8 more injections of humira to find a place in the fridge for! This morning my youngest yells.."where's the cheese"! Nothing like having injections in the cheese bin in the fridge!!!!

About the blood work I was waiting for results...well, something messed up so I had to go in and give more Friday AM. Gotta make sure we keep a good record when you're on methotrexate...possible liver failure (among other organs) makes you do this. I certainly keep a check on when it's time and what the results are. So, I should know something next week.

Had a wonderful time with my sister and her hubby last night. We enjoyed many laughs and a wonderful steak dinner my hubby fixed! Yes, I live in the south and we say fix, fixed, and fixen!

Sis wanted to watch me give my injection of methotrexate. Yep, it's Friday methotrexate day! Then she had to google what the side affects were. Then I showed her some great information (if you call it great) on ankylosing spondilitis (AS). She says, what if the med does this in the long term...I say, what if AS causes me to have heart failure in the long term. Heavy sigh...and then we log off and go back out-side with our blankets to laugh at the husbands--mainly mine! Truly laughter is good for the soul!

Off to bed and hoping for a restful night..but one never knows when you have AS. I get a butt call to the home phone from my daughter who is staying with a friend at college...clear that up and hard to get back to sleep. Thinking that I really don't like the fact that I have a daugther who will be in college this fall and who may butt dial me often while she's at a frat party! But trusting that I've done as scripture says..."Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". Gotta let her go....so hard!!!!!

So back to sleep...only to be awakened to the terrible storms that will be present all day...hmmm rain.....

On days like today I realize that having AS is not FUN! Rain all day. Hmmmm...gonna be a painful day. I know we need the rain to wash all this pollen away though! Today will be a lazy day! Feeling the rain..I mean literally! Feeling a bit nausious still from the methrotrexate-not much though.

God is good and in charge..I have AS, but it doesn't have me!


  1. She will be fine...all of us other girls you raised...Aud, Dani, Cass, etc. we turned out alright...well better than alright...pretty darn good.


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